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How to Check Printer Ink Levels — 7 Popular Brands Explained

How to Check Printer Ink Levels — 7 Popular Brands Explained
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how to check printer ink levels
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Have your printouts in current times become blotchy or faded? Then you may have to change your printer ink.

Once your ink level gets low, the ink easily gets dry and could block the nozzle. Your printer may break down as a result of this.

This is why you have to keep a tab on your ink level. Don’t know how to go about this? Allow us to show you how to check printer ink levels.

You Can Check Printer Ink Status on Windows

No matter the brand of printer you use, you can check your ink levels on your Windows computer.

You simply need to follow the steps below:


i. Click on your start menu then click on “devices and printers”. You will be shown every printer that is connected to your computer.

ii. Click on your printer. The ink status of the printer will appear at the end of the section.

iii. To get further information, you may click on it.

Check out this video for a visual explanation.

How to Check Popular Brands Ink Levels

Though you can check ink levels on Windows, some brands have specific ways of checking ink levels.

Below we have selected some common printer brands. And we have given steps on how to evaluate their ink levels.

Lexmark Printer

There are two ways to check a Lexmark Printer’s ink levels. You may check from your PC. Or the display screen of the printer.

To check from PC, you simply have to download then run the Lexmark P910 Series Utility.

Now that you have this tool, open it. Select the tab of the cartridge, this will show you your Lexmark ink level.

HP Printer

For a Windows computer, download the free tool “HP Print and Scan Doctor”. Whenever there is a problem with your printer, this tool will help diagnose it.

Once you have the tool, you can determine the ink status of an HP printer on it.

Simply open this tool then select Printer/Supply Levels. The toner and ink levels will come up.

If you have a Windows 10, iOS or Android, download the HP Smart app. To connect your printer to the app simply follow the steps on the app.

To see your ink level, click the home icon on the app. Your ink levels will be displayed once you do. We recommend you check out the HP 63 Ink Cartridge for your hp printer ink replacement.

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Kodak Printer

To check the ink level on Kodak printers is easy. It is simply done from your printer’s dashboard.

Hold down the home button. A light arrow will appear, click on it. You can now check the ink status from here.

Brother Printer

You can access the ink level of the Brother printer in two ways. The first way is by the printer’s screen.

The second is from your computer’s control panel.

To access the ink level from your printer simply click on the ink key. You will find an “ink volume” option.

To check your ink level with your PC, use the Status Monitor Utility.

There is a printer icon on your desktop’s task tray. Double-click on it. The ink’s status will pop up. If your ink level is low, you have to replace your ink with a Brother ink cartridge.

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Epson Printer

Epson printers usually come with Status Monitor Unity. This helps in checking the ink level of your printer.

To check your ink levels on your Epson printer, check for a printer icon in the Windows taskbar. The taskbar is at the bottom of the screen.

The printer icon is normally found on the bar’s right side. Double-click on the printer icon. Select maintenance.

Now click on “Epson Status Monitor 3”. The words may differ depending on your model.

Once you click on “Epson Status Monitor 3” your ink levels will come up.

Dell Printer

To check the ink levels on your Dell printer, open your control panel. To do this simply search “control panel” from the Windows search bar.

Click “view devices and printers”. This is found in hardware and sound.

Select your printer.

You will find a service bar in the options. Click Dell ink levels. Your ink levels will come up once you do this.

Canon Printer

With a canon printer, you can assess your printer ink with the Canon IJ Status Monitor.

The Canon IJ Status Monitor comes on when you send print data to your printer. Select the maintenance tab.

You can view your ink level on the screen now. If you wish to get more information select “ink detail”. The Canon Genuine PIXMA BCI-3e is an excellent replacement ink for your Canon printer.

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What Now?

If you discover your ink level is low then you need to change your ink cartridge.

To do this, you need to get a new ink cartridge. Most printer manufacturers often discourage the use of third-party inks. Check out this article to know more about this.

To avoid issues with your printer consider getting your ink from the manufacturer.

However, some third-party inks are reliable. Like the E-Z ink


To prevent your printer from breaking down, always check your printer’s ink levels.

Aside from a blotchy printout, you can determine when your ink levels are low.

All you have to do is follow the steps which we have described in this article.

If you have further questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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