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How to Clean HP Inkjet Printer Heads — In 2 Easy Methods

How to Clean HP Inkjet Printer Heads — In 2 Easy Methods
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how to clean hp inkjet printer heads
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Is your HP inkjet printer producing erratic and irregular printing? Is the streaking and missing text ruining your print jobs? If your answer is yes, then it is high time you get your printer heads cleaned.

It is a common thing to encounter such issues with inkjet printers after using one for a while. And cleaning your printer heads is a maintenance procedure you must perform.

Therefore, this article will teach you how to clean HP inkjet printer heads in a few minutes. So that you can get back to printing quality jobs that you’ll be pleased with.

Cleaning your HP Inkjet Printer Heads

There are two methods you can use in cleaning your clogged HP print heads. You can do it on your PC or you can do it manually.

In most cases, cleaning it using the software on your computer should be the first method to use. The second method is used when the first fails.

So let’s look at how to go about the first method.

Cleaning Your HP Printer Head from Your Computer

You can clean using the normal cleaning software on your windows as found in your control panel. Or you can clean using the HP solution center.

Let’s begin with the first…

Cleaning HP Print Heads Through Software

Step 1: Click the start button

Click the start button to open the windows menu.

Step 2: Click on Control Panel

This will open up a new window.

Step 3: Click on “Devices and Printers”

Depending on your Windows version, it might be labeled and located differently.

This option can be found under “Hardware and Sound” for some versions.

Step 4: Select your printer

After step 4, you should see a list of installed printers including your own. Right-click on your printer to continue.

Step 5: Click on “Properties”

The next thing to do is to click on “Properties”. This will allow you to see the ink level remaining in your ink cartridges.

If the level is still full or half-full, then the issue is from your printer heads.

Step 6: Select “Printing Preferences”

Click “Printing preferences” then click on the tab labeled “Service”.

Step 7: Select “Printer Services”

Step 6 will open another window. On this window click “Printer Services”.

Step 8: Click “Clean Printer heads”

You will be shown a command to “Clean printer heads”, click on it to begin the cleaning process.

Cleaning Using HP Solution Center (Windows Users)

Step 1: Open start menu

Click on the start or windows logo found on your computer’s taskbar to open the start menu.

Step 2: Click on “All Programs”

When you do this, your computer will bring out a list of all installed programs.

Step 3: Open the HP Solution Center

To do this, first, click on “HP” and then click on “HP Solution Center”. This will open the HP Solution Center in a new window.

Step 4: Open “Printer Toolbox”

After step 3, go to settings and click on “Printer Toolbox” to continue.

Step 5: Open “Clean Printheads”

To perform this, click on the tab labeled “Device services”. After this, you click on “Clean Printheads”.

Step 6: Begin cleaning process

To begin the process of cleaning your printer heads, click “Clean”. Then follow the on-screen instructions until the process is complete.

Step 7: Run a print test

Run a test print to see if the cleaning was successful by printing a test page.

Cleaning With HP Inkjet Utility (For Mac Users)

Step 1: Open “Utilities” folder

Step 2: Open the “HP Photosmart” folder.

Step 3: Launch “HP Inkjet Utility”

After step 2, you will find the icon labeled “HP Inkjet Utility”. Click on it to launch the program.

Step 4: Begin the cleaning process

In the HP Inkjet Utility window, you will find a drop-down menu, click on it.

Then click on “Clean” to begin the cleaning process.

Continue to follow the on-screen promptings until the cleaning is complete.

We recommend you watch the video below before reading further.

Manually Cleaning your HP Printer Head

Step 1: Turn off your printer and remove it from power

The first thing to do is to turn off your printer. Then unplug it from the power source.

This will prevent you from damaging it and also causing harm to yourself.

Step 2: Open your HP printer cover

The next thing is to open your printer cover/case to reveal the ink cartridges.

It will be best to consult your printer’s manual to learn how to go about this.

Step 3: Take out the cartridges

Carefully take out the ink cartridges one after the other.

Step 4: Bring out the print head unit

After removing the ink cartridges, you will need to bring out the print head unit as well.

If your print head unit is attached to your cartridge then you don’t need to worry about this step.

Step 5: Clean the printer heads

Put printer heads into a mixture of water and Printhead Cleaner for Inkjet Printers Solution. You can also use isopropyl alcohol instead of the cleaner solution. This mixture must be 50/50.

Do not leave the printer heads in the mixture for more than 10 minutes.

After some minutes, remove it and let it dry naturally.

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Step 6: Clean with towel

Clean the printer heads with a paper towel. Make sure that there is no dry ink residue left on the heads.

Step 7: Place the cartridge and printer heads back into the printer

First place the printer heads unit before reinserting the ink cartridges.

Step 8: Run a test print

Plug your printer back to the power source and put it on. Then run a test print to see how well it prints.

If it works fine good. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to clean it again. You might also have to leave it in the mixture overnight.

If after all this it doesn’t still work well, you might need to contact a technician. It might be that the print heads or the ink cartridges may be damaged. Hence, you will need to make a replacement.

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The instructions we shared above should aid you in cleaning your HP inkjet printer heads.

However, if you run into a snag during any of the processes, feel free to send us a question. We’ll do our best to offer you the best answers as we always do.

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