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How To Get A Printer Online — 10 Practical Solutions

How To Get A Printer Online — 10 Practical Solutions
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It isn’t strange to see “printer offline” being displayed when you try to print. Or in some cases, you’ll just discover you can’t get anything printed. We know how much of a nuisance this issue can be.

An offline printer simply means your printer is not properly connected to receive a signal from your PC or network. Therefore, it cannot communicate with these devices.

So, in this article, we will show you how to get a printer online in easy to understand terms.

Before we answer the question at hand, there are certain factors why your printer is offline. You can learn about them in this article.

Without further ado, let’s begin…

Ways To Get Your Printer Online

Restart Your Computer

In some cases, restarting your computer will fix the problem. The rebooting of the system can cause it to pick up the printer’s connection.

Remove From Offline Mode

Your printer could be set in offline mode. To change this, on your computer select start – settings – devices – printers and scanners.

You’ll need to know your printer’s name so that you can select it here. Then click on “Open queue”.

Then under “printer”, click “use printer offline”. This should remove it from offline mode if it was checked.

Clear Queued Print Jobs

Another reason your printer might be offline is because of queued print jobs that weren’t printed.

To solve this, select your printer and click on “cancel all documents”. This will clear the print jobs and restore your printer from offline to online.

Reconnect USB Cable

Most wired printers make use of USB cable for connection purposes. In the event whereby your printer is offline, this is an important place to check.

If this is why your printer is offline, make sure there is a proper connection of the cable. Doing that will bring your printer from offline to online.

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Reconnect Ethernet Cable

Network printers are different from regular printers. This is because they use Ethernet cables instead of USB.

Also, these printers can be used by many users at once because they are connected to routers. In most cases, they are used in an office environment.

Reconnecting the Ethernet cable to the router can put your printer back online.

Change Ports and Cables

The port you’re connecting your printer to might be faulty. So try using another port on your PC or router as the case may be.

If this doesn’t put your printer back online, then the fault may be from the cable.

A damaged cable (USB or Ethernet) might be responsible for your printer being offline.

So if you have tried reconnecting your cables and it didn’t solve the problem, try changing them. They might have been damaged without your knowledge.

Once you acquire another cable, make sure it is properly connected to your computer or router. This action should put your printer online.

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Connect Printer to the Same Wi-Fi Network as Your Computer

This option is for those making use of a wireless printer. Make sure your printer and your computer are both turned on.

Then connect your printer to the Wi-Fi network that your computer is connected to.

You can find out which network your printer is connected to by checking its built-in menu.

You can find out the current network status of a printer. Let’s use the Epson WorkForce WF-3540 as an example.

On the printer press the menu button. Then select ‘network settings’ and choose ‘confirm network settings’. The status will be displayed.

You can also learn more about this from your manufacturer printer’s manual to avoid an error in the connecting process.

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Run the Troubleshooter

If your printer is still offline after all the above, run the troubleshooter. It should be able to determine where the problem is from.

If it doesn’t solve it, you can use the next drastic options below.

Remove and Reinstall Printer

If all the above do not get your printer online, then you can still try one more option. You’ll need to remove and reinstall your printer.

To do this, go to “devices and printers” in the control panel. Then right-click on your printer and select “remove”. This removes your printer from your computer.

To reinstall wired printers, connect it to the computer via the USB cable. It will automatically install the printer, and you follow the steps.

However, wireless printers do not work that way.

To reinstall a wireless printer after it is switched on, click on the “windows icon” on your computer’s taskbar.

After that, open ‘devices and printer” then click on “devices”.

Select ‘add a device” and then choose the model of your printer. This should reinstall your printer.

Install Printer Updates

Your printer might be offline because the driver or software is outdated. To correct this, you need to install updates.

If your printer has been asking for updates since forever, this will be the best time to listen to it.

You can also download the driver and updates from the website of the printer’s manufacturer.

The video below is a short tutorial on how to install and update your printer’s driver.

Conclusion – How To Get A Printer Online

An offline printer can be frustrating; we know that. Nevertheless, we believe that the above answers above should restore our printer online. And you can go on printing whatever you want.

If you still have questions after going through this post, let us know in the comments section and we’ll be glad to answer them.

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