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Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer — Using 2 Proven Methods

Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer — Using 2 Proven Methods
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Where to Find WPS PIN on HP Printer
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Most wireless connection requires a WPS PIN for the connection to be established. HP printers also make use of this technology.

An issue most HP printer users encounter with this technology is where to find wps pin on HP printer. Therefore, we deem it fit to address this issue in this article in simple terms.

What is a WPS PIN?

Before we address the main question that begets this article, we must discuss what a WPS PIN is. After all, if you don’t know what a thing is, you won’t even know when you’ve found it.

WPS is an acronym that represents “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. It is a standard wireless security network. This network connects wireless devices to routers in a faster and convenient manner.

Wireless networks that can make use of the WPS are those that make use of a password. This password must be encrypted via the WPA personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols.

Methods to Connect your HP Printer to a Wireless Network

There are two methods used to connect your HP printer to a wireless network using the WPS technology. These methods are:


ii. WPS Button

Connecting Via WPS PIN

In this method, your WPS PIN will be displayed and will be required to complete the wireless connection process.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Access your HP printer’s settings

To do this, you need to access your printer’s control panel first. Then press the “wireless” button.

Once you have done this, go to your printer’s settings.

Step 2: Choose “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”

At this point, you need to select the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option. Once you select this option, simply follow the on-screen instructions on your HP printer.

Step 3: Tap WPS PIN

After step 2, your printer will require the WPS PIN (The requirement will be displayed on your printer’s screen). Just tap on the “PIN” to continue. This action will cause the WPS PIN to be shown on the screen.

This is where you can find WPS PIN on the HP printer fully revealed.

NOTE: The PIN will be shown briefly for about 90 seconds on your screen for most models before it becomes invalid for use.

If this happens you will have to restart the computer and begin the whole connection setup process again.

Continue with the next steps to complete the connection.

Step 4: Access Configuration Utility

Armed with your WPS PIN, access your printer’s configuration utility. You can also use your router’s software.

Once you access the configuration utility, you will be required to enter the WPS PIN to continue.

Step 5: Complete Setup

Once you input the WPS PIN in step 4, the action should complete the connection setup.

At this point, you can now install your HP printer’s driver. Open the folder labeled “HP printer” and select “All programs”. After this, select “printer setup and software” and select “Connect a new printer”.

Select your printer for the list shown and install the driver.

You can now use your printer if it has been added already. If your printer has not been added, read this article to learn how to do so.

Out of the many HP printers out there that have this feature, one of our favorites is the HP DeskJet 2655.

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We advise you to watch the video below.

Connecting Via WPS Button

Although this method will not reveal or show your WPS PIN, it will, however, connect your HP printer to your router.

Step 1: Press the Settings or Wireless Button on your HP Printer

To get to this point, you need to access your printer’s control panel first.

Once you have done this, press the “settings” or “wireless” button depending on your printer’s model.

This action will cause a blue light to start blinking.

Step 2: Select “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”

At this point, you need to select the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option. Once you select this option, your HP printer will display on-screen instructions that you’ll have to follow.

Step 3: Select “WPS Button”

The next thing is to select “WPS Button” on your printer.

Step 4: Press your router’s WPS button

The action in step 3 will prompt you to press your router’s WPS button. Locate this button and press it.

Step 5: Press continue

Once you have pressed the WPS button on your router, go back to your printer and select “continue”. The wireless connection is now established.

Step 6: Use your printer

At this point, you have successfully connected your printer and can use it as desired.

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Using the first method for connecting your HP printer to a wireless network, you can find the WPS PIN.

However, the WPS PIN is not permanent; it is generated for each new wireless connection. Once you restart your computer for another wireless connection, you get a new WPS PIN. Hence, there is no need for writing down any WPS PIN for future use.

If you have further questions or comments, let us know in the comments section below.

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